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Lifetime Professional Membership at the NLPEA

Do you qualify for membership?

In order to gain lifetime professional membership  of the NLPEA – International Guild of NLP you will need to  hold a professional NLP qualification.

You can gain membership at any of the four levels below with the appropriate qualifications:

  1. NLP Practitioner member
  2. NLP Master Practitioner member
  3. NLP Trainer member
  4. NLP Master Trainer member

OPTION 1 – If you took an NLP training course with one of OUR registered Trainer or Master Trainer members then you will already have a lifetime membership with us. Your trainer will have completed your registration when you qualified.  Please contact your trainer if you have any queries.

OPTION 2 – If you hold a qualification at any of the above four levels then you will be eligible for membership if you qualified via a recognised NLP certification training course and can provide us with a copy of your certificate(s).

We consider a “recognised NLP certification course” as being one where you were adequately assessed, tutored and supervised.

Your course may have been in person or via multimedia learning (online or e-learning) as long as we recognise the course. It matters more to us that you received a quality learning experience, rather than the mode of learning.

We DO NOT recognise the “quick” unsupervised learning experience offered by some providers of elearning,

HOWEVER there are other online NLP courses (a perfect example) that fit our criteria perfectly. If in doubt then please check with us first.

Join the NLPEA

NLPEA Lifetime Professional Membership £499 ($597 USD)

Click on the button above to complete your registration and payment. You may pay by PayPal, Debit or Credit Card.