ABOUT NLPEA – A Professional Body for Coaches and NLP professionals worldwide

NLPEA, the International Guild of NLP & Coaching.  Over the last 20 years we have established a significant membership of accredited NLP and (Life and Business) Coaching professionals worldwide who promote NLP and Coaching in personal and business communities.

We have branded and licensed our own unique Coaching qualification and title NLPEA Transformation Coach™. Our international network of Trainer and Master Trainer members train and licence NLPEA Transformation Coaches.

We currently have vacancies for membership and operate a tiered membership level system that reflects the knowledge and skills of our members. Join the NLPEA.

Our organisation is supported and administered at board level by professionals from a diverse set of backgrounds including healthcare, finance, law and education.  We have board members and Guild influencers directly involved with NLP and coaching internationally and at the highest levels.


For avoidance of doubt, If it doesn’t carry our logo or branding  then it isn’t associated with us. We would be grateful to be informed if you find anyone who you think may be using our branding inappropriately (although we do test for this to ensure that whenever possible it doesn’t happen).

Our aims in supporting you:

  • Professional membership for practicing NLP Professionals, Coaches, and NLP Trainers.
  • Recognised body of accreditation for NLP and Coaching Training Courses.
  • To maximise the distribution of the skills of NLP, leadership and coaching throughout the world community to further our evolution.
  • To benefit the public through the registration by qualification of NLP Professionals, Leadership Professionals, Coaches, and NLP Trainers.
  • Provision of ethical standards in the practice of and training in NLP, personal development, leadership and coaching.
  • Provision of professional standards for NLP, leadership and coaching certification by trainer members.
  • Provision of a community for NLP and leadership professionals.

Coaching/Leadership/NLP Professionals

In view of our aim to “maximise the distribution of the skills of NLP, leadership and coaching throughout the world community”, NLPEA individual membership is free for eligible Professionals. Individuals who graduate through one of our approved Training Providers training courses will automatically be registered as members by the Training Provider upon graduation.

NLP professionals, leadership graduates and professionals, coaches and trainers wishing to join NLPEA can check their eligibility for membership on our Standards page and initiate application via our Contact page.

Coaching/Leadership/NLP Training Providers looking for accreditation for their Training Courses – please contact us for details of our application procedure and fees.

Non members

  • If you are thinking of using the services one of our members then you can check our operating Code of Ethics on our Ethics page.
  • If you wish to contact an NLP Professional for coaching, NLP therapy or training then please visit our Contact page and we would be delighted to put you in touch with one of our members. We will generally choose the one or two (rather than provide a list) who most closely meets your needs in terms of skills, products and location.

2 thoughts on “ABOUT NLPEA – A Professional Body for Coaches and NLP professionals worldwide

  1. I’m looking at the integrity of members who you accredit. Is it true that you allow online NLP courses to be accredited as full NLP Practitioners. I can see some companies out there with your banner who only offer online NLP but state they will become “NLP Practitioners” after the online course.

  2. Thanks for asking. Some of our experienced Trainers run both online and live NLP courses which are accredited by NLPEA. All NLPEA accredited Trainers are fully vetted by our board and we will only accredit online courses that are “blended” learning experiences, with experienced tutors, having a supervision element to them and have very high quality training material.

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