Mental health awareness in the international community

Supporting Mental Health

NLPEA have a mission to grow awareness of NLP worldwide. We all know the benefits of NLP and how it can help people with mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, PTSD, lack of confidence, phobias and trauma. We want to make an impact in improving mental health globally and we need your help.

Working with Mental Health foundations

We have established a number of relationships with Mental Health foundations and registered charities who we work with in order to grow awareness of mental health issues.

Together we are using the power of our huge membership base and the skills of our members to grow the weight of support for people living with mental health challenges. Thank you for your help in doing this.

Our membership is constantly growing and stretches to all corners of the world and we know that we can always do more to help.

In our work together we are using the voice and skills of members to raise funds for selected registered foundations and charities.

How can you help? 

Let us know of suitable foundations and charities in your country so that we can contact them to establish how we can help them.

Place “donate” buttons for our Mental Health foundation partners on your websites (All funds should go directly to the foundation).

Run NLPEA sponsored workshops and seminars with a view to collecting donations for supported and registered mental health foundations. This also has the benefit to us of growing awareness of NLP and benefit to you of advertising your services.


Mind is an example of a UK based Mental Health Charity who do great work in the community.