NLPEA Transformation Coaching Qualification ™

NLPEA Transformation Coach ™

The NLPEA Transformation Coach qualification ™ is only available through certification by an NLPEA Trainer or Master Trainer member – you will need to qualify for this by taking one of their qualifying courses – look for the NLPEA badge

NLPEA Coaching methodology – “Change for good, for better, for an amazing future TOGETHER, for a better equipped world with serene minds”    

This is a coaching methodology for supremely effective results individually and collectively.

NLPEA – enabling the NLP knock-on effect for a better, healthier, kinder, more respectful and empowered world. Individuals working together for a better future. 

Serving the world community with…. Access to Affiordable, quality, and trusted, NLP, coaching and leadership services worldwide. 

For our general & shared future in a better, more giving, empowered, healthy and respectful world 

Providing our members with a trusted brand to back their services

Providing the world with a trusted means of accessing quality NLP and Caoching services. 

Trademarked and respected  coaching and NLP related qualifications.

“NLPEA – Transformation Coaching” tm

NLP – empowerment and the knock-on effect – let’s spread the word together

NLP teaches us that we have the power to change. It provides simple techniques to unlock habits and change the way that we think about ourselves and others so that we no longer remain trapped by limitations. 

As we begin to understand the basic aspects and principles of NLP we begin to realise that we have all the power within us to change the way that we think, process information, react to information and therefore interact with people and the world around us. 

The amazing thing about all of this is that it is very simple. It is about illuminating human potential. We are limitless. We are all unique and we can have our lives the way that we want them. We can see other people for what they are (which is just like us) rather than for how our minds might have us see them (which is based on past filters – and which may be negative). 

Once we realise that we are limitless and that every single one of us is amazing, has a caring nature, was once a tiny bundle of human energy just waiting to burst out and do good for the world, then we see the world as a different place. It fills us with a sense of joy. Possibility for future improvement brings joy. Seeing beauty in others beings joy. Joy brings peace of mind, a calm mind and a sense of belonging – which enhances our feeling of self worth. . 

Once  we have self worth, we feel good about ourselves, we know that others are the same as us and we teat them with care and respect, because we treat them the way that we would like to be treated ourselves.

We greet them with a smile. We listen to them. We listen to their feelings, help them with their problems. This makes them feel better about themselves. It gives them a sense of purpose and it makes it m,ugh more likely that when they meet people as they go about their day then they will pass on their good mood and the feel good factor that they have. This will have the knock-on effect of transferring some of this positive energy to the other party. In turn they will feel blessed and they will be encouraged by the act of human kindness that they received – they will likely reciprocate by passing this on. 

This is the knock-on effect of NLP and it is huge. It is about creating a positive chain reaction. This is how we will get back to our human roots of kindness to others, equality, fairness, concern, respect and honesty. This is how we will make the world a better place for everyone. 

THIS IS WHAT “NLPEA Transformation Coaching”  is all about. 

Train with one of our Trainer Members to become an “NLPEA Transformation Coach” tm – spread to goodwill and let’s make a better world for all. 

This message is sent with best wishes and the highest true intentions for our communal organisation and the future of the world.

From one of our directors at the NLPEA – Anthony Beardsell (Excellence Assured Ltd). We endorse his moral compass for the world and for the future of NLP


Only NLPEA Accredited Trainers and Master Trainers can offer qualifications for NLPEA Transformation Coaches