Gain Accreditation for your coaching and your coaching training courses

Accreditation for coaches and YOUR coaching training courses Is professionalism important to you? It is important to us. Gain accreditation for your coaching and your coaching training courses.

As the International Guild of NLP & Coaching we provide professional services to coaches and coach trainers.

You can accredit as an NLPEA accredited Coach or an NLPEA Transformation Coach by taking a training course from one of our Trainer members or by submitting your certificate and paying our Lifetime Membership fee.

If you are a trainer of other coaches then you may gain Accredited Trainer member status of the NLPEA by taking a Coach or NLP  Trainer training course from one of our Master Trainer members.

Alternatively, if you are already qualified as a Coach trainer then you can submit your certificates to us, and then pay our lifetime membership fee.

Once we have completed your application then you will become a Trainer member of NLPEA, we will complete accreditation of your coaching courses and you may then display our badges and provide them to your students upon qualification.

International Coaching Training Courses – NLPEA accreditation

NLPEA are an international community of coaches and NLP professionals. We serve the whole world with quality coaching services. The world needs more coaches and more trainers. Join our NLP & Coaching community today.

We respect you for having made the choice to work with others to create better lives. Together we can make a difference in the world.

Let’s serve the world together.

We look forward to working with you.