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Ollie and his superpowers

Ollie Coaches are therapeutically trained and work with children, young people and adults who already have challenges that they need help to overcome. The unique thing about the Ollie approach is it works just as effectively as a preventative and educative tool before day to day issues cause those very problems that end up in someone sat in front of a therapist. Working with schools, foster and adoption and county councils across the UK.

Based on the Ollie stories, and the model that Alison Knowles has created from her work with children, underpinned with the power of NLP, we have developed a dynamic and unique approach to working with children and young people and the family unit that is making a dramatic difference to children and young adults emotional resilience, wellbeing and mental health.

Our coaches are working with children and young people and Adults across the UK in one to one sessions, in groups and in our Ollie kids programme. We use outcome measures to assess the effectiveness of this brief psychological intervention and more and more children, young people, parents and professionals are beginning to see what a difference this powerful approach can make to the challenges children and young people face in their lives.

Please contact us for further information on our range of training programmes and to request our prospectus for training to be an Ollie Coach.

A unique and Dynamic ApproachAli Knowles

The Ollie model draws on the best of a range of therapeutic techniques including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Positive Psychology, evolutionary psychology, story and metaphor therapy, hypnotherapy, modern psychotherapy and brief therapy. Above all, the model has been developed from what works effectively in practice and we are developing more and more dynamic aspects to this model all the time. The true gift that we teach our coaches is how to harness the imagination and resources of the client because we believe every child, young person and adult faces difficulties because they are standing in their own way and at the same time they have everything they ned to navigate their way through the challenges they are facing however complex. So we don’t just enable a client to deal with their current challenges, we enable them to learn to do this for any future challenges as well. That is why the Ollie model is becoming more and more popular as an approach to resilience and wellbeing that can work across organisations for children, young people and adults.

So if you are looking for a dynamic approach that mobilises the resources of the client to facilitate change and what you’ve read so far excites you, we’re so glad you’ve found us.

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