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“About my company  – Coaching Academy”
Coaching Academy is a leading training and consulting firm based in Tunisia, it was founded by a couple of genius Mongia Argoubi Nafouti and her husband Walid Nafouti.

Coaching Academy support north African companies towards performance through the development of their employees.

Coaching Academy is today a  leading coaching and NLP training provider in North Africa.

Our Diplomas & Programmes
Coaching Academy’s coaching courses offer an unrivalled quality of training for coaches. Train as a personal coach, corporate coach, small business coach, NLP partitionner classic code, NLP Partitionner new code, NLP coah, Trainers.

Our graduates go on to a wide range of future coaching roles and many set up their own businesses as professional coaches. Qualify as a coach with us and you can be sure your prospects for your future as a coach will look great.

How do we support your business ?
Our goal is to develop the individual and teams to ensure the growth and performance of the company. We believe that success requires creativity, collaboration and a little extra effort.

Our method is based on coaching; we have a toolbox that mixes NLP and systemic coaching. These tools are designed to help you reach your CHANGE goals.

We offer a revolutionary approach with an inductive learning of NLP and inspirational courses in personal development and leadership.

Portrait Mongia Argoubi :

Charismatic and motivator with a profound ability to bring out the best in people, Mongia Argoubi is a big believer in the great inner potential of human beings.
Mongia Argoubi has a successful story;

She was born in a little town in Tunisia, in a modeste family, her father who never learned NLP was an optimistic person and tried to induce traditional values and beliefs of friendly competition and hard work and he was sure that she will be the most successful in whatever she does in the future.

She was a briliant student and obtain her gaduation in high commercial studies from IHEC Carthage with honorous in 2001. 

Mongia worked at the age of 17 while studying and financed all her studies by herself.
She bagan her carrier in the field of recruitment and assessment centre.
In 2005 she choose to integrate the automotive sector as human resources manager where she passed 12 years in human resources management and industrial organization; she has held senior positions and was known with her great leadership.

In 2013, she did coahing training and during the sessions she set an objective to lunch her own company and after the completion of her Coaching certification she became a Coach and started her own business ; so she passed from the world of wage labor to the world of entrepreneurship.

At this time, the plight of the small businesswoman led Mongia to become a business consultant.

While doing business consulting she realized she could not help everyone she wanted. Even if her Masters Degree was in social studies, she found something missing in the art of communication between humans. She began to research on powerful ways of communicating and creating change in people and organizations, and this led her to Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP. Made NLP Trainer by John Ginder, The co creator of NLP, and New code of NL, Mongia quickly recognized the value of high involvement and NLP trainings.

Today she’is the co-founder of Coaching Academy, a leader in training & consulting in Tunisia with original approch and revolutionary method of learning.

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