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Rodrigo Huback de Azevedo

We are the Brazilian Institute of Neurodevelopment (IBND) and were born to positively impact the lives of thousands of people, offering a broad portfolio of high quality training in coach, NLP, human development, leadership and entrepreneurship. We know that a better world is made of people who awaken their potential to live the lives they deserve and desire.

Head trainer
Rodrigo Huback de Azevedo
• Master Trainer in Coach;
• Master Trainer in NLP;
• Behavioral Trainer;
• Member of International Coaching Council – ICC
• Internationally Certified: BCI, IAC, GCC
• MBA in Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing;
• MBA in Coach, Training and Human Development;
• Fire Walk Trainer certification;
• Mentor of Founder Institute Brazil;
• Hypnotherapist, Behavior Analyst, Master Coach and Practitioner;
• Has training in Neuroscience applied to Development;
• +10 years dedicated to human development;
• +15 years undertaking high performance;