NLPEA Trainer Standards – for NLP & Coaching trainers

Over the years, the NLPEA name has represented high quality training. NLPEA is committed to continually strengthen and build upon this tradition. NLP & Coaching trainers with high ethical standards and superior training quality are eligible to be designated Trainer Member NLPEA. NLPEA has established standards that are accepted by the professional community worldwide.


Become an Accredited Trainer Member NLPEA and count on the following benefits:

  • demonstrate to your clients that your work meets internationally recognized quality standards
  • issue certificates to your clients that are recognized worldwide
  • Offer certification as NLPEA Transformation Coach Tm
  • become distinguished from NLP providers that lack in both ethical and professional standards
  • become part of a worldwide network of high quality trainers
  • benefit from internationally recognized reliable standards and regulations for both trainers and students.
  • Offer membership of NLPEA as part of your training package (get agreement from us first on this).
  • Take part in eligible discounts for Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance

Trainers interested in certifying under the seal of NLPEA are invited to contact NLPEA at Choose among the folllowing options:

  • You are already a member of NLPEA in good standing. Your NLP Trainers Training provider (NLPEA Accredied Master Trainer). will provide us with your details.  No further fee applies. You are entiteled to order original electronic seals of the NLPEA to certify your students.
  • You may apply to become a Trainer Member of NLPEA by sending us copies of your NLP/Coaching certifications together with a list of NLP/Coaching Trainings that you held over the past two years. You will need to have been assessed and certified as a competent NLP Trainer by an NLPEA recognised NLP Master Trainer (a reasonable one-off admin fee will apply for this process to compensate for their time).
  • You would like to become a Trainer Member NLPEA but have not yet taught any NLP trainings. As above option. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the necessary information on how to become a member. This may involve a system of approval involving supervision and reasonable one-off fees for approval of your application.

Once agreed, your membership is for a lifetime. We are not in favour of repeat or annual fees. We believe in inclusiveness and easy accessibility to knowledge, skills and qualifications (according to high standards). This is why we are a trusted and respected International brand in NLP and Coaching.

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