Darryl_Lim NLP Trainer

Darryl Lim | NLP Training | Singapore

Being stuck isn’t a great feeling. I was once stuck. In a place where I was limited in terms of what I could become and what was possible for me. With a path laid out for me, it was easy to just keep to it, and to ignore the voice deep down inside of me. […]

Karen Machuca - NLP Trainer

Karen Machuca – NLP Trainer in Florida

Karen Machuca is a Peak Performance Coach, certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP and Trainer for aspiring Coaches and those that want to reach a higher level of Coaching expertise.  She is also Certified and Trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Brain Wellness. She incorporates all of these Coaching modalities when doing individual and […]

AlIson Knowles NLP

Ali Knowles – NLP Trainer

Ollie and his superpowers Ollie Coaches are therapeutically trained and work with children, young people and adults who already have challenges that they need help to overcome. The unique thing about the Ollie approach is it works just as effectively as a preventative and educative tool before day to day issues cause those very problems […]

NLP Training in Sri Lanka | Coaching training in Sri Lanka

For NLP training in Sri Lanka or Coaching Training NLPEA are proud to associate with Jaliya Rathnayake. Jaliya is a certified NLPEA NLP Trainer and is currently employed as a Career Guidance Counsellor at Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. Courses and Trainings Conducted by Jaliya Rathnayake, Certified NLP Trainer, NLPEA Certified NLP Training Certified NLP […]

NLP Brazil - Silas Neves

NLP Brazil – Silas Neves

Trainer Silas Neves is a REFERENCE in NLP in Brazil, Business Mentoring and Coaching with more than 2,500 hours of individual assistance. Respected for having created the TERA METHOD, which structures the pillars necessary for personal and professional development and the THERAPEUTIC PROFESSION TRAINING, which teaches professionals to position themselves in the individual care market. […]