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Piril Sonmez- NLP Turkey

Pırıl Sönmez, born in 1969 Adana/TURKEY; spent the first 17 years of her life in The Netherlands. Growing up in a multicultural environment, which presented itself with it’s own challenges, made her discover the dynamics of diversity, the nature of adapting to new environments and the importance of finding a balance in society, at a very young age, where people were so different than each other, yet so alike.

She graduated from Çukurova University, Faculty of Education, English Language Teaching Department in Turkey in 1991. She has taught for 20 years at state highschools and Universities.

She got retired as a teacher in 2015 but continued her long ago started NLP career.

She speaks 4 languages.

Her personal development journey started in 1995 as she became a Teacher – trainer certified by the Ministry of Education in Turkey.

She continued her journey with NLP courses with several high standard trainers like Judy Baker, Terasa Feeney, Debra T. Whylde, Whyatt Woodsmall and Sue Knight.

Pırıl Sönmez is the Co -founder of Adana NLP firm (2001) , which Seyhan NLP is the continuation of.

Throughout the past two decades she has

also been giving seminars , conferences, and workshops all over Turkey and several different countries.

Her personal strength is merging her NLP skills and knowledge with the Turkish culture.

She has been doing coaching sessions for thousands of people for various purposes;

student coaching , relationship coaching, career coaching, life coaching…

She is specialized in giving NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and NLP Training Courses.

She strongly believes that all the resources we need are “within” and defines her mission as assisting people to realize their potential, reach their goals and become the best version of themselves .

Seyhan Consultancy


Seyhan NLP provides corporate and individual consultancy services, NLP training, and recruits those aspiring to be NLP professionals.

Adana’s first personal-growth company, Seyhan NLP since its inception has helped many discover their inner strengths through carefully planned programs and uncompromising dedication to client satisfaction. Seyhan NLP has grown steadily by delivering high-quality services tailored to individual and group needs. Our team provides the tools needed to grow through self-discovery and fulfillment. Practicing what we preach, our company achieves its goals by hiring the most talented NLP professionals around and using NLP best-practices to create an optimal client experience. Seyhan NLP’s vision for a brighter future and our client-centered mission owes its development to accomplished professionals whose dedication, reliability, and trustworthiness will help unleash the mystery of those seeking to know themselves better and to take charge of their inner spirit.

OUR VISION: To continue as one of Adana’s most reliable, well-respected companies while expanding to other locations. To assist our clients in the realization of their goals. To support individual and institutional development within the framework of our code of ethics and professionalism.

OUR MISSION: We exist solely to provide support to our clients and to raise awareness and conscientiousness in every aspect of their lives as both individuals and as members of society.”