Mark Schultz | NLP Trainer | US

Mark Schultz NLP Trainer US

Mark Schultz is a Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP Coaching, Timeline Techniques, and Hypnotherapy.   Hosting both in-person and virtual training, he provides educates current and aspiring leaders, influencers, and coaches worldwide.

Mark has combined his NLP skills with other areas of study including philosophy, meditation, Ho’oponopono, Inner-child work, HeartMath®, and martial arts, in addition to learnings and observations from countless coaching clients, to create a four-day personal development event called Formula For Fulfillment.  This semi-annual event uncovers the influences keeping one from living his/her best life and, at the same time, discover his/her true identity and purpose in life.

Mark was first introduced to NLP in a sales training program while working as an engineer and real estate investor.  It quickly became a passion for him and set his life on a new course.

Prior to this, he spent over 20 years moving around North America working on any number of engineering projects.  From nuclear projects to bio-medical, military, space, pharmaceutical, automotive, and more, Mark worked on many high-profile, high-stress projects becoming known for being able to adapt quickly, being a problem solver (both in design and interpersonal relationships), and a creative thinker.

Mark grew up in a town of 115 people on the prairies of the midwest in the United States.  He was born with a curious nature, an insatiable desire to learn, and a heart to serve.