Tracey Cole | NLP Master Trainer | UK

Tracey Cole NLP Master Trainer

Dr Tracey Cole is one of the UK’s leading mindset and mental performance coaches for equestrian sport. She holds globally unique trainings in NLP, Time Line Techniques, NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy with an equestrian specialism. She is the name behind Empowered Equestrian™️ Coach Training, a qualification for those who have excelled as equestrian mental performance coaches. In addition, Tracey welcomes non-equestrians onto her trainings and into her online coaching and therapy sessions.

Having written two books and been number 1 on Amazon bestseller lists, as well as hosting Over the Oxer podcast, Tracey’s mission is to give people the mind tools they need to conquer their unhelpful thoughts, ideas, beliefs and emotions and to free them from the shackles of a mind playing out past or future scenarios. By living more in the moment, we take back control,and become empowered and emotionally resilient.

Tracey describes NLP as “much more than mindset,” and her trainees and coaching clients benefit from gaining an expansion in their thinking, opening up new thought patterns and learning how to engage their unconscious mind for success in any sector.

Tracey’s trainings take place live and online and she trains people nationally and internationally. The content is delivered with precision and with a dose of laughter and learning. As a former lecturer and teacher in the UK and abroad, Tracey prides herself on making NLP accessible and easy for all. She also offers a one-hour taster session for training, to make sure that trainees feel at ease with her teaching style and confident that their training will provide what they need to be an NLP professional.

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